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The Young Ones!


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Click on some friends of The Young Ones and check out thier web-site.

1.  One of the area's best modern rock bands from South Kingstown,  Rhode Island:


2.  A must see rock n' roll band from Providence, Rhode Island:

The Haymakers

3.  The Colonel's awesome rockabilly band from Providence, Rhode Island:

The Lucky Diamonds

4.  A fantastic 50's style country, boogie woogie band from Boston, Massachusetts:

Nate Gibson And The Gashouse Gang

5.  New England's premier rockabilly racket from Boston, Massachusetts:

The Raging Teens

6.  A 50's style honky tonk country band from Boston, Massachusetts:

The Stumbleweeds

7.  A strip down traditional style rockabilly band from Detroit, Michigan:

Bones Maki And The Sun Dodgers

8.  Rootsy insanity from Providence, Rhode Island:

Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys

9.  A babe who knows her rockabilly from North Carolina:

Rockabilly Babe

10.  One of New England's best band's that have a hint of 60's and 70's rock n' roll from Boston, Massachusetts:

The Charms

11.  A rippin' rock band from Providence, Rhode Island:

Radio Wallpaper

12.  The east coast's surfiest band from Storrs, Connecticut:

9th Wave

13.  A kick-ass New England Celtic Punk Band from New Hampshire:

The Pubcrawlers

Click on these sites where The Young Ones may be performing?

The Green Room

The Call

TT The Bears

The Blackstone

The Rodeo Bar

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