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The Young Ones!


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The Young Ones would like to say:
Thanks to - Holiday, Jon Tierney And The Truth, The Problem, Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billies, The Haymakers, Jeri And The Jeepsters, The Coffin Lidds, The Charms, The Pull-Tabs, The Mia Tia Serenaders, Lousianna Hayride, 9th Wave, Nate Gibson And The Gas House Gang, The Twilight Ranchers, Brad Lyons, Johnny "The Colonel" Maguire, Gabe "Hucklebuck" Ferrara (The Young Ones #1 Fan), The Call, Schmedley's Pub, all the great staff from The Rodeo Bar, The Apple Peach Festival, The Green Room, Dave Lysik, Randi from TT The Bears, Ryan from WRIU, Chris from EL N' GEE, Lisa "Rockabilly Babe", Jackie and the rest of the folks at Jakes Bar And Grille, Bob Gulla, Jim from The Plough And Stars (the hippest little joint in Massachusetts) along with Jack (who gets us drunk, well just Johnny and Scotty and sometimes Sean) and also that guy that has come to all of our Plough And Stars shows who loves our version of "Rockin' Daddy" (YOU ROCK) and all the staff, and all of our devoted fans.  You are greatly appreciated!
The Young Ones would like to especially thank The Raging Teens for all their support.  They have been our biggest supporters.  Thank you!
We would also like to thank The Sick-A-Billies for being sick and doing all of these shows with us!  I'm sure you will hate us when it's all said and done and vise versa.  Just kiddin'!  But we really thank you!
Jimmy Nations was a great help to The Young Ones.  Thank you!