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The Young Ones!
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Reunion 2004

  On Friday, May 28, 2004, The Young Ones reunited at The Green Room in Providence, Rhode Island.  This page is dedicated to that night with sites and sounds from the evening.  The Young Ones was my (Johnny Carlevale) first band.  I learned how to sing, play guitar, and ultimately write music throughout my experience with this band.  As the years go on, hopefully our fan base and freindships will grow as we did with one another as a band.
"The Young Ones striking fusion of rockabilly, jump blues, country, and boogie-woogie sucks in and spews out more than fifty years of rock n' roll tradition" - Bob Gulla - writer for The Providence Phoenix

Johnny and Scotty like old times!

Johnny watching Bob slap that thing again!

Angus Young or Scotty Lyons?

Johnny and good friend "The Colonel"!

Bobby Mac!

Two things that don't go well together...
a microphone and Bobby Mac!

The only picture of Sean taken from that night...
was of him loading equipment into the car before the show!