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The Young Ones!

What you need to know about The Young Ones.

  The Young Ones were a Providence, Rhode Island based band that paid tribute to the rockabilly style that evolved out of post-war country boogie, hillbilly, and rhythm and blues with an unique style and original song-writing!  The Young Ones approached song writing and performing with as much authenticity as possible without losing sight of the fifty plus years of music that inspired them.  The music was simple and to the point.  Loud, fast and out of control!

  The Young Ones was Johnny Carlevale's first band that he started in 2002.  They played a total of twenty seven shows from September of 2002 to July of 2003 before the band decided to break-up.

  In May of 2004, The Young Ones played two final shows.

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 The Young Ones
Johnny Carlevale - vocals/rhythm guitar
Scott Lyons - lead guitar
Johnny "The Colonel" Maguire - lead guitar
Bob Mac - double bass
Sean Faling - drums
Rod Caron - tenor sax

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